Have the courage to believe in yourself

I have a real love for sport, actually I love anything that involves being outdoors and photography! It gives me another reason to get out amongst the world to capture moments for others to see – maybe even inspiring them to do something outside their day-to-day routine.

After a long stint of racing I had a few easy weeks. It’s important for me to do the things you wouldn’t usually have time to do whilst in full training – for me this is capturing athletes.

Apart from continuously working on bettering myself as an athlete and person – I really enjoy stepping back and spending time with the younger generation, helping and inspiring them to dream big. When I was their age – well for one, I hadn’t been introduced into the world of triathlon yet, but I didn’t have the older generation to look up to and really bounce ideas off. I try my best to always support the juniors and surprisingly the humble ones are just as great at supporting me back – which is such a beautiful thing.

Junior, Peyton Craig is pictured here. He is a little whippet. A genuinely nice kid who works very hard together with his coach Toby Coote. This year has seen some great results from Peyton, with credit going to his coach, family, friends but his work ethic also.

I prefer to make an image that I want people to stop and look at into black and white. It helps to bring out the soul and emotion captured rather than people getting distracted by the colours that may be present.

Here I see a picture of concentration and determination. Peyton is in the moment thinking about cadence, speed, form and making sure when he finishes of this set switched on and ready to go again.

One thing I’ve learn from capturing and observing the young juniors is how much they appreciate being able to do what they do. They loved being outdoors, spending time with the older triathletes and they rarely complain. Getting the work done with a smile. I know I can certainly take a page out of their book – be grateful, be happy and love what you do!


Introducing Lucy Bowden.

A country girl at heart, I’ve always had a love for sport and the outdoors. Whilst growing up amongst the gum trees of the Adelaide Hills and riding horses at a high level – a severe horse riding fall required me to take time away from the sport close to my heart and re-evaluate the future.

On the comeback to fitness, I discovered the sport of Triathlon, and like anything, I cannot give something just one go – It’s all in or nothing! I’m now situated on the Sunshine Coast, where I’ve based myself for the last two years whilst pursuing Triathlon and my second love Photography/Media, which I’m currently studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

My future aspirations are to travel as a Triathlete whilst photographing, blogging and documenting not just triathlon but many other unique and quirky sights of the world.

The bakslap team are happy to be working with Lucy and wanted to share with you her love for the outdoors and adventure! We look forward to sharing more of Lucy’s insights as a triathlete and as she pursues her passions. 





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