Mountain Goats see the best views of the world, surely!

Although I’m all about routine and making sure each training session is quality, at least once a week my coach allows me to venture out on the bike and explore. There is a lot you can see on two wheels, peeking out from the comfort of your car just doesn’t give the world justice.

I tend to enjoy long rides alone.  Although, it’s not the safest to be out there on your own – it’s a chance for me to debrief on the week and pinpoint new areas of focus for the week ahead. There are also no limitations this way. If I’m feeling good, I go further, if I’m feeling peckish, I stop and eat, it’s just wonderful.

Montville is a quaint village perched on the Blackall Range, it will always be my go-to starting point for a longer ride. It’s a gradual climb that takes up to the treetops, overlooking the Sunshine Coast. You can see so much more of the world up here.

Then venturing down the hill to Landsborough way – Mountain View Road catches my eye. They wouldn’t call it ‘Mountain View’ for no reason… would they? As expected, after rolling along the hill tops, I come to an opening which perfectly showcases the national heritage listed Glass House Mountains. These are one of those spots you can observe for minutes on end.

It’s the little things you find when you least expect, when you give yourself the chance to explore outside your comfort zone. These are the moments we need to capture, return ticket moments to an adventure which has now passed.


Introducing Lucy Bowden.

A country girl at heart, I’ve always had a love for sport and the outdoors. Whilst growing up amongst the gum trees of the Adelaide Hills and riding horses at a high level – a severe horse riding fall required me to take time away from the sport close to my heart and re-evaluate the future.

On the comeback to fitness, I discovered the sport of Triathlon, and like anything, I cannot give something just one go – It’s all in or nothing! I’m now situated on the Sunshine Coast, where I’ve based myself for the last two years whilst pursuing Triathlon and my second love Photography/Media, which I’m currently studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

My future aspirations are to travel as a Triathlete whilst photographing, blogging and documenting not just triathlon but many other unique and quirky sights of the world.

The bakslap team are excited to have be working with Lucy. We love her dedication to pursuing her passions and her love for the outdoors and adventure! We look forward to sharing more of Lucy’s insights as a triathlete and her journey.  





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