We’re proud to share the organisations and there people that bakslap are in partnership with. We’re working together to make an impact in Australian communities. 

National Skin Cancer Centres

Bakslap signed a major distribution agreement in June 2022 with National Skin Cancer Centres (NSCC) which will see the innovative lotion applicator available at twenty-two skin cancer centres across Australia.

“This is a fantastic outcome for bakslap, as National Skin Cancer Centres are Australia’s leading experts in skin cancer medicine, providing skin cancer checks with imaging technology, surgical and non-surgical treatments of skin cancer, and wound and scar management with LED light therapy.”

“I’m really thrilled to have the bakslap available at each NSCC reception across Australia as it will play a part in reinforcing sun safety and helping people prevent skin cancers.”

Ricky Richards

Bakslap and Ricky Richards have been in partnership since 2019, supporting Australia’s Biggest Bakslap, Melanoma March, our Shade Sail competition and more. 

Who are Team Ricky? Established in 1983, Ricky Richards is a family owned and operated business that has grown to become Australia’s leading supplier of specialised textiles. High on the agenda for the Ricky team is to protect everyday Australians from the sun by providing high quality fabrics that ensure you are protected.

“Ricky is proud to support events and get behind the mission of bakslap which is to promote sun safety in Australia. This is part of our social responsibility.”


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Cricks Volkswagen

What a day for the team! November 2021, excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Cricks Volkswagen to spread the sun safe message further, together. 

With skin cancer numbers on the rise, particularly in South East Queensland, raising the awareness of sun safety is vital. We’re ding so with a brand new Volkswagen Caddy Van and bakslap branding.

“Wherever we go there will be people who will see the branding which will raise consciousness about the importance of sun safety.”

Dealer Principal, Cricks Volkswagen Sunshine Coast Dean Stuart said having lost a colleague to melanoma in 2017 it was an easy decision to partner with the bakslap brand and events, like Melanoma March

Ego Pharmaceuticals

SunSense Sunscreen partnered with bakslap for the third year running since 2019, as the Official Sunscreen Sponsor.

“As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, with a commitment to the science behind healthy skin – we are proud to work with various organisations and industry experts that align with our values and exist to improve the lives of those with skin conditions.” 

SunSense are avid supporters of sun safety and skin cancer awareness, and are currently donating $1 from every SunSense sunscreen purchased to Melanoma Institute Australia to help further their work towards zero deaths from melanoma.


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Team Adem

Adem Crosby started Team Adem in February 2011  shortly after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia at the age of 17. As Adem’s condition declined, his desire to make a difference certainly didn’t. Sadly Adem passed away in May 2013, but his wish to help others lives on through the charity he started –Team Adem.

Bakslap is honoured to support Team Adem since 2019 with our lotion applicators. They are used in the Radiation Unit in the Adem Crosby Centre and are given to radiotherapy patients who live alone and have no one to help them apply the moisturising cream to parts of their body that are difficult to reach.

“Unfortunately some radiation treatment can cause quite harsh side-effects and burns to the skin and it is essential to apply soothing lotions to the affected area several times a day.” Say Lu Crosby.

Team Adem is a not-for-profit charity and is run by a dedicated team headed by the Crosby family.

GRB Global

GRB Global is Queensland’s leading Innovative and Specialised Mining Labour Hire company.

What separates GRB from the competition, and what stood out when meeting them a few years ago, is their strong focus on family and work-life balance

Bakslap is proud to commence a partnership with their Founder Martin Bettin and the team. As well as sharing similar values around work-life balance, its the innovation that we’re also excited about! 

New ideas and new approaches to making a difference to the mining industry. Stay tuned for how Bakslap & GRB can make an impact the mining industry together. 

Royal Life Saving


Royal Life Saving Queensland is dedicated to reducing drowning and turning everyday people into everyday community lifesavers. 

Bakslap is proud to partner and share their message of water safety and emergency care education. 

It’s essential that young Australians have the necessary knowledge of the dangers and associated risks of aquatic environments. So they can enjoy the water and sunshine responsibly. 

Our aim together: Keeping Australian’s Safe – under the sun and in & around the water. 

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Australia Skin Cancer Foundation

“Our mission is to provide support, education, fund research and drive advocacy for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers” 

Australia has the highest melanoma rates in the world, and at least 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer before the age of 70.

These are some of the statistics that ASCF have set out to impact. The team all have a personal history with skin cancer and their passion for saving lives is why bakslap is proud to partner this summer and give $1 from every bakslap applicator sold at our online Shop.   

Just recently, the team completed an event walked 10 days from Canberra to Sydney and raised $190,000 for research and education!

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Cancer Council Queensland

Our campaign with Cancer Council QLD was part of the 2021 Tax Appeal. It helped raise $636,000 towards cancer research, such as Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani’s melanoma study, that will uncover the deadly unknowns of melanoma.

”It was very special sharing my sister Tess’s story via a beautiful video, to help shine the light on new melanoma research.” Says bakslap founder, Raph McGowan.

“A special thank you to Chris McMillan (Cancer Council CEO) and Meaghan Bush (GM Fundraising, Marketing & Communications) and all their team for how Tess’s story was represented in this video.”

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Melanoma Institute Australia

Bakslap is proud to support Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) since 2018. 

Our lotion applicator was originally created to apply sunscreen and spread awareness of being sun safe. We also wanted to support research, by donating $1.00 from every bakslap sold. 

MIA are a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through innovative, world-class research, treatment and education programs. Our mission is zero deaths from melanoma this decade.

We further supported MIA by organising their annual event in our local community since 2019, Melanoma March. It brings together the whole community to remember loved ones, to raise awareness and funds for research. Our Sunshine Coast community has raised $64,000 towards a world-first immunotherapy clinical trial.

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University of the Sunshine Coast

Bakslap has been supporting USC students and mentoring initiatives since 2018. 

“As a proud UniSC Alumni, I was given a lot of support during my studies and now with my business, I am able to offer work experience and give back. We’ve had 34 students, international and local, since 2018 offer ideas and help with projects for bakslap. They have all played a part in our growth.” Says Raph. 

As well as offering work experience, bakslap also participates in the UniSC mentoring program. This program, open to all Alumni across any profession and location, connects students or fellow alumni for 30-minute consultations. Raph is also a sessional teacher with UniSC in the Business and Creative Arts faculty. 

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Meta - Facebook Australia

What an experience this was for the team! In 2019, we were selected as one of thirty innovative small businesses across Australia to work with Facebook for a 3-month campaign, Facebook Gift Guide

The idea was to showcase businesses that created ‘products with purpose’. That shared a story and aimed to impact the lives of others. 

“It’s really hard to pick a highlight! So a recap starts with first sharing some of strategies using the platform to grow and engage at the Facebook Community Boost sessions. Our team were lucky enough to head to Sydney and create some campaign content at a purpose built bakslap set (amazing!).” 

“After a few months of seeing the thirty businesses pop up in bank windows, t.v and billboards, we finished with a panel discussion at Parliament House. Still today, we keep in touch with the Facebook team.”

New Partner Coming Soon

New Partner Coming Soon