Category: Entrepreneurship

Dec 11
Practice, Practice, Practice

10 hours of practice for a 3-minute pitch. You only get one shot at making that first impression, especially when Glen Richards from Shark Tank is on the panel ? When the opportunity to do a 3-minute pitch on bakslap and present to an experienced panel of eight business savvy and entrepreneurial experts with a […]

Nov 21
Podcast – Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Matt describes his podcast as “I like conversations that challenge me, inspire me & make me think. And I like coffee. What a good combination”. It was my first podcast and I’m definitely a fan of the longer form interview/chat style. Matt started our chat off with a very important question – how I like […]

Nov 14
Wisdom of wild places inspires entrepreneurs

Last year, I was one of 12 Queensland entrepreneurs invited to spend a week without technology. The week involved activities to test and improve on the essential skills linked to operating a successful business. It is the Venturer Program. The physical conditions faced, the sharing of our personal stories, the way we dissected our businesses and […]

Oct 22
Entrepreneurship Expedition: Ben Southall Q&A on ‘The Venturer Program IV’

Similar to our previous Kickstarter blog post, this blog will focus on entrepreneurship and the importance of teamwork. It is based on my expedition in Far North Queensland building startup connections in September, 2018. Expedition leader, Ben Southall is an amazing guy who I had the absolute pleasure spending a week with on an adventure […]

Sep 25
Our awesome experience running a Kickstarter

I always had the idea of doing a Kickstarter campaign for bakslap because to me it would give validation to the product, allow us to build an early online community that knew the reason behind the brand and would become early advocates for us. I’m happy to share some of our experiences and hopefully you […]