Wisdom of wild places inspires entrepreneurs

Last year, I was one of 12 Queensland entrepreneurs invited to spend a week without technology. The week involved activities to test and improve on the essential skills linked to operating a successful business. It is the Venturer Program.

The physical conditions faced, the sharing of our personal stories, the way we dissected our businesses and overcame the challenges we faced at times formed a bond between our group that will be with us for life.

“After three days of huffing, puffing, cursing and crying, we all stood on top of Big Red, having taken on one of the toughest challenges of our lives together powered on my each other’s motivations and friendship – it was the most incredible part of the expedition.”

The full story can be found here.

Credit and thanks must be given to both Tijana Jaksic and Julie Coulthard (Inkee) for their efforts in writing this life-changing adventure.

Enjoy the read and keep seeking life’s adventures!

Raph knowing why they don’t call it ‘Little Red’…and loving every moment of it!




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