Collette Emily

With clients from Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Australia and everywhere in between. Collette Emily is an international fashion stylist.

Working in the fast-paced fashion industry, I know the importance to look after myself from the inside – out. 

Doing everything I can to optimise my life experience and enhance my energy. 

This is about nourishing food, taking care of my mindset with meditation and exercising daily. But let’s not forget taking care of my skin!

Skin Care

Your skin is your biggest organ – it’s literally what everyone sees. 

“Your skin (and style) is an expression of how you think, feel and take care of yourself”

I invest in quality skin care products and facial treatments that are the most beneficial to help me glow. I know that lots of people do the same yet still don’t protect themselves from the sun…

Sun Care

The fashion industry has a huge aesthetic focus on the way we look. I feel so strongly about sharing the message to be sun safe and sun aware at every age, within my industry. My sister was the same age as me now, when she found she had a melanoma and soon after passed away.

“I’m loving bakslap’s fresh approach to sun safety”

My Aim

I want to bring awareness to the fact that protecting your skin is one HUGE way to enhance your beauty and confidence. We spend so much time and money doing all we can to reverse aging to look our best and one HUGE way to prevent premature aging and wrinkles is…being protected in the sun!!

Skin Checks

I get 6-month skin checks and recently had a high risk mole cut out of my back which has left a scar between my shoulder blades that my hand cannot reach, so I am using bakslap daily to apply moisturizer and sunscreen (when that area is exposed).  
“It’s an absolute game changer! Thank you Raph ” 

I’m so honoured to be a part of the Bakslap movement to make an impact and share a message that will really help others optimise their life experience by keeping their skin youthful AND protected from the sun. 

A lot of things in life are out of our control BUT looking after yourself, nourishing yourself, loving yourself and protecting your skin outdoors is all very much in your control.

Welcome to the Team

“Collette Emily is in a very influential position. She has clients from all around the world. Many are social influencers themselves and in that 35 and under age group. This happens to also be the age group globally that is most-at-risk from melanoma.

“We’re very excited to be teaming up with Collette Emily. She will be a great ambassador and we just love her passion. 

We’ll be putting our creative minds together and coming up with some very cool campaigns (possible a new product…) to share the message of skin care and getting your skin checked”.

– Raph.

Explaining the Collette Emily ‘Flavour’

We are all unique, one of a kind individual with our own ‘flavour’ to share. Each day we have a
choice… a choice on the energy we leave with others. We choose how we want to impact, influence, and inspire others.
1. Flavour is one’s style, swag, energy 
2. Something unique and authentic 
3. The distinctive vibe someone has created through their appearance and style

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