General Questions

Polypropylene (PP) is what has been recommended by our expert advisors and our manufactures as the most suitable plastic to make bakslap. Some of the characteristics of this plastic are its flexibility, high resistance to stress and cracking, excellent impact strength and does not break down easily from reactions with water, acids, and detergents. It can be commonly found in many household goods.

When closed bakslap is 21cm. When it is completely extended it is 37.5cm.

We have designed bakslap so it is not a one-use product, but a product you can use over and over again. The secret is you place your lotion of choice on the special custom-made sponges, then using bakslap you can apply the lotion to your body. When finished applying, the cap can be closed and seals in the lotion for multiple uses.

Keep bakslap out of the direct sun where possible. You can remove the sponges at any time and rinse your bakslap under water to wash off any elements that it may have come into contact with during your activities.

Initially, we will offer two bakslap colours (as seen in our branding). These are Sky Blue, representing the ocean and Peach, a colour Tess was fond of.

We love the outdoors and adventure, so we have made sure this was considered when discussing with our manufactures the most suitable materials to use in bakslap. This is why we have added UV Stabilizer and Colour Fastener to help mitigate the harmful effects of UV radiation on your bakslap as well as helping to protect its colour. We do recommend that you keep your bakslap out of the direct sun where possible.

The limited edition bakslap flap hats ware designed to offer you superior sun protection when outdoors. It is a once size fits all hat that includes snap-back holes for further adjustment. It’s unique detectable flap (via 4 clips) means you can remove it if required.

More innovative products are in the pipeline. We look forward to offering you these sun care related products in the future. For now, we know you’ll enjoy our first, bakslap.

To pre-order your bakslap, you can go to our website here and by pre-orerding today you’ll be one of the first to receive it. We would love for you to join us and be a part of your journey by following us on Facebook: @thebackslap and Instagram: @_bakslap.

Closer to the time of release, we will be listing all retailers on our website www.bakslap.com. Stay tuned to what’s going on via our social media.