Lucy Bowden

Lucy’s Dream

Her number 1 focus right now is Triathlon, even relocating a couple of years ago to the Sunshine Coast to better her training and more competitions. She studies at the local University and somehow still finds time for her second love, photography.

“My future aspirations are to travel as a Triathlete whilst photographing, blogging and documenting not just triathlon but many other unique and quirky sights of the world.”


Lucy with bakslap

We’re stoked to be supporting Lucy in her quest for international Triathlon success. You’ll hear our team cheering Lucy on at local competitions and sharing her progress on socials.

“I’ve seen how disciplined and driven Lucy is. Competing at the level she does I can only image the mental toughness she pushes through”. Raph says.

Therefore, we’ve started capturing some of Lucy’s unique insights and are including them in our Blogs:

Lucy doing her thing! Part of the Sunshine Coast Tri Academy


Not only is Lucy a talented athlete but she has a passion and eye for photography. This has been an awesome addition to our partnership, with Lucy now the official bakslap photographer for content & events.

Content shoots on Mooloolaba Beach; Australia’s Biggest Bakslap; Melanoma March

“Meeting bakslap I could see the passion behind the team and their vision in helping as many as possible. Educating and bringing awareness of melanoma prevention to people locally, nationally and even internationally. This was the perfect team to align with, as an athlete I love working hard whilst supporting others to achieve their goals – I find it one of the most rewarding things in life. It was a no brainer to collaborate with the bakslap brand.”


“This is a great partnership for both brands. We love the outdoors, adventure and pursuing our passions. We’re looking forward to seeing where 2020 takes us!”

Cheers, Raph.

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