Mitchell Donoghue

The Drive

“Ambassadors for bakslap have been on the radar from day 1. Aligning with people in sport who love the outdoors and are following their passion. Triathlon is a wonderful sport to be represented. With Mitch’s skill, his passion for health and spreading the sun safe message – this is an awesome combination and so glad we met!”


Meet Mitch – The Teacher

I am currently undertaking my Masters of Primary Education and would like to be more known as a teacher who can positively influence the younger generations.

I qualified for the 2020 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Taupo, New Zealand and reached out to Raph hoping that he and bakslap could assist me on my path to becoming a better athlete. I knew that using the platform of Triathlon would be a suitable avenue to expose bakslap and its message, due to the amount of time triathletes spend training in the sun.

Triathlon has only been a small part of my life but it has had a substantial impact on my health and well-being over the past 2 year and is a way for me to express the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I am extremely passionate about the sport and honestly believe that it can positively influence lives in a multitude of ways.

Whilst my ultimate goal is to compete at a professional level, I have already found great satisfaction in educating people on the benefits of being active outdoors but in a safe manner.

“I recently raced in Yarrawonga with the flap hat and it was well received. 5-6 people came up to ask about the hat and from there it was a nice chance to enlighten them on the brand and what you’re trying to achieve.”


A Second Home

The Sunshine Coast has been like a second home for me, consisting of many family holidays and good memories. In September, 2019 I competed in the Sunshine Coast 70.3 Triathlon in Mooloolaba.

The race began well and remained that way. I stumbled across the finish line in 3rd place in the (18-24) category and secured a spot in the 2020 World Championships. Whilst this was my biggest achievement to date there is plenty of work to do before tackling some of the best age group triathletes in the world.

After spending some time reflecting, I knew there was an opportunity to not only to compete against the world’s best, but also a chance to educate the triathlon community regarding the effects of excessive sun exposure.

The Future

To complement Triathlon, I love to surf and spend time travelling with my girlfriend Stephanie. We both spend our fair share of time in the sun training and we have realise the importance of maintaining a healthy balance getting outside and covering up.

In my past life I worked as a Podiatrist but have since returned to university to pursue a Masters of Primary Teaching in Melbourne. I absolutely love teaching and get great satisfaction in watching the student’s progress throughout the schooling year. I hope that one day I can call the Sunshine Coast home…possibly after finishing my degree. I feel honoured to align with the bakslap community and look forward to spreading the word and helping in any way possible.
Mitch & Steph just finished a run - doing what they love

“We’re honoured to have you part of the team Mitch. It’s a big year coming up and we’ve all got your back.”

Cheers, Raph.

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